TennisTension: Tennis Racquet's String Tension v1.6.2 [Latest]


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Jul 11, 2020

TennisTension: Tennis Racquet's String Tension Pro Premium APK Cracked! [Latest]

Version: 1.6.2

Description: • TennisTension is the FIRST WORKING mobile app that instantly measures the MOMENTOUS string tension of a tennis racquet with extreme consistency and accuracy (the error is less than 0.2 kg). Tracks the TENSION LOSS of the racquet's string all the time from the moment the racquet is strung. It records and analyzes the ringing sound heard from the strings when they are hit anywhere with any stiff object (pen, pencil, another racquet, fingernails, etc.).
• Systematically tested with different racquets and strings by players at a different level of play - from beginners to ATP professionals.

“TennisTension” mobile app measures the momentous average string tension between main and cross strings of a tennis racquet. It records and analyses the sound emitted from a vibrating racquet string when it is hit with any stiff object as a pen, pencil, another racquet, fingernails etc. Just in seconds, the app calculates the tension by using also the preset racquet, string, and stringer parameters.

It takes some time until the user of the App learns to produce proper “ringing” sound from the string. The string must stay close (2 to 10cm) and in front of the phone microphone. Hit the string lightly, anywhere on the stringbed with any stiff object as a pen, pencil, fingernails, another racquet, etc. once or twice and wait for a second to get the result. Do not touch the vibrating string with anything (e.g. fingers) during the measurement.

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